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Holy Blogging Batman!


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I came across a writing prompt asking what your favorite superhero is and why. With all the excitement surrounding the new Marvel movie that just came out, Avengers: Infinity War, I thought this was a fitting subject.

Honestly, I have never been a huge comic book fan, which is where most superhero’s have originated from. The closest I got to enjoying stories about super powers, we’re watching shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers when I was younger. There is, however, a memory I have of my father taking me to see Batman Returns when it first came out. Probably not the best movie choice for a 6 year old, because I also remember having a few nightmares about the villains in that film afterwards.

Despite the bad dreams, Batman stuck with me after that. I thought he was super cool (yeah, I said super cool) and I totally wanted to fight bad guys just like him! I would go in the backyard and jump around, trying to do fighting moves so that I could be prepared for when the time came (sadly, it never did) As time went on, I made it a point to see each new Batman movie that came out in theaters (Batman Forever being one I saw multiple times. Val Kilmer isn’t my favorite Batman but you can’t deny the awesomeness that was Tommy Lee Jones’s Two-Face and/or Jim Carrey’s Riddler) I even went to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight in 2008. I assume no one can argue that Heath Ledger (R.I.P) is the best villain there has been, and will be! And if you want to argue this statement, don’t bother…you’re wrong *insert Jokers evil laugh here*

I have heard some people say that Batman isn’t a real superhero because he doesn’t truly have superpowers. How does that saying go, “not all superheroes wear capes”? Well, maybe there should be one that says, “not all heroes have superpowers”! Sure, Batman used his riches to create himself, but the point is that he did so because he felt that he could make a difference. He wasn’t forced to be Batman, or paid to be the vigilante he became, he just chose to be him. To me, that makes him just as much as a superhero as those who can fly or shoot webs out of their hands.

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